Buy tax 6%

Sell tax 6%

2% Marketing

A percentage of 2% from every transaction is directed towards the marketing wallet with the purpose of fostering the project's

2% Liquidity

A portion equal to 2% of each transaction is allocated to the creation of the liquidity pool

1% Team

The budget will be used for the project management about all activities aimed at organizing the smooth running of the token and achieving its objectives on time and according to the objectives sought

100% Secure

In order to prioritize the safety of investors, the liquidity for BLACKROTT is securely locked for a period of 1 year Check it out here!










Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of BLACKROTT, it is important to note that there is no designated team wallet. Our team members have acquired the tokens through the same process as every other participant, ensuring a fair and equal distribution. We are committed to transparency and ensuring that the team has the same level of involvement and investment as the community members.

Rest assured, the contract of BLACKROTT has been designed with utmost safety in mind. To provide additional security and peace of mind to investors, the liquidity of BLACKROTT has been securely locked for a duration of one year. This measure ensures stability and prevents any potential manipulation or unauthorized access to the liquidity pool during this period.

There is a 5% tax on each transaction so please set your slippage to 5% for buy/sell transactions.

Trust Wallet utilizes the CoinMarketCap (CMC) API to fetch and display token information. Therefore, once BLACKROTT is listed on CoinMarketCap, it will automatically become visible on Trust Wallet. The integration with CMC's API ensures real-time and accurate visibility of the token's market data, such as price, market cap, and trading volume, providing users with up-to-date information on the Trust Wallet platform.

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